• I believe that we all have the ability to create

  • for me creativity comes from the gut but it grows from making. the more I make the more creative I become

  • I believe in making products that give people joy when they see them

  • I believe in an evolving style

  • I believe that great style can bridge the gap between people, & cultures

  • I believe that products should be made with the intention of having them handed down from one generation to the next

  • i believe in creating a business that is as close to zero waste as possible

  • I believe in the importance of deep friendship

  • I believe in being kind

  • I believe that success comes from 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration  

  • I believe in using beautiful materials 

  • I believe that experimentation is essential, sometimes it’s a home run and sometimes it’s a failure and that’s okay.

  • I believe that when I’m uncomfortable I’m growing

  • I believe that the gut knows, follow it