Masks in Tie-Dye Galaxy (4 colors)

$14 $24

If you have to wear a mask, it might as well look gorgeous, fit right and be comfortable. And, we know how to do that after printing and producing thousands of masks since April. 

Our lightweight masks feature linen fronts, cotton backs, a filter slot, removable nose wire, and adjustable ear loops. 

We tie-dye each mask individually in sparkly shades. 

Masks are dyed with color-safe, non-toxic ink in our studio in Alexandria, VA. Our methods mean that each piece we produce is it's own beautiful, original piece of art with subtle variations.

  • Colorways: Midnight Shimmer, Lilac Twilight, Earthling, Golden Sunrise, Cosmic Charcoal 
  • One size, adult: 8 x 5"
  • Flat nose wire to keep mask fitted to face, removable for washing
  • Pocket for filter
  • Three pleats for a custom, flattering fit
  • Vertical bottom pleat so mask fits comfortably under the chin
  • Adjustable ear loops ​
  • Wash by hand or in the machine
  • Smooth and lay flat to dry 
  • Soft fold over elastic for all day wear

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