Obsidian Rose Shibori Hand Dyed Headband


Our latest collaboration with Dmaran Designs is finally here! Our headbands are  dyed by hand with Shibori techniques in the Tulusa studio and then sent across town to the Dmaran studio where they are finished and made into beautiful, comfortable headbands. 

Our Obsidian Rose Shibori Hand Dyed Headband has pretty silhouette with a modern flat tab on top. We love the subtlety of the sparkling obsidian of the shimmering berry ink on top of the tumeric linen head band. 

3" at it's widest point on the sides

The most comfortable headband you'll ever own

Each headband is individually folded, tied, and dyed, which means that while your headband is similar to others it will still be one of a kind.

We think you'll agree that it's part of the beauty of what we do. 


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