about sue

  • i believe that we all have the ability to create 
  •  for me creativity comes from the gut but it grows from making.
    the more i make the more creative i become 
  •  i believe in making products that give people joy when they see them 
  •  i believe in an evolving style 
  •  i believe that great style can bridge the gap between people, & cultures 
  •  i believe that products should be made with the intention of having them
    handed down from one generation to the next 
  •  i believe in creating a business that is as close to zero waste as possible
  • i believe in the importance of deep friendship 
  •  i believe in being kind
  • i believe that success comes from 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration
  • i believe in using beautiful materials 
  •  i believe that experimentation is essential, sometimes it’s a home run
    and sometimes it’s a failure and that’s okay. 
  •  i believe that when i’m uncomfortable i’m growing
  • i believe that the gut knows, follow it


  • Design 
  •  Block Carving 
  •  Mixing Colors 
  •  Printing 
  •  Sewing 
  •  Shipping

Everything that you see on this site is made in our studio in Alexandria, VA. We design and carve our blocks, print yards and yards of heirloom quality linen with colorfast, non toxic inks that are mixed in-house and unique to us, and then we cut, hem, and finish our pieces to order. We care deeply about the finished product and about keeping all that we can in-house. You may find variations from piece to piece. That is part of the beauty of what we do and we hope that you love it as much as we do.