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We love teaching people how to block print their world, and can customize a workshop just for you!

Gather your friends and for a 2-hour workshop and walk away understanding how you can block print anything from a wall, to wrapping paper, to a tea towel! We’ll bring all of the supplies so you can relax and have fun with your guests.

Workshops are $60 per person with a 4 person minimum and unless otherwise discussed can be booked “within the beltway” of the DMV (Washington DC area). If you live farther away, or if you have a store that would like to host a workshop, shoot us an email at sue@tulusa.com .



"Sue generously agreed to hold a 2-hour block printing class for me and five of my friends. The class was terrific. Sue is a great teacher - she encouraged the inner artist in each of us with step by step instructions, positivity, and a deep knowledge of her craft.  We all had a great time and learned how much we enjoyed block printing."
- Heather Nevin
"Another testimonial here."
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