Celebrate Earth Day today and everyday!

It’s no secret that we love linen—and since it's the day of the year to officially celebrate Mama Earth, we want to tune you in and turn you on to why and how you can use one of our favorite materials to help keep this ball spinning in the sky.

Here are just a few reasons why our LOVE FOR LINEN shines so brightly, not only on Earth Day, but everyday.

Linen is a heirloom material. You can pass it down from one generation to the next. Besides its beautiful look and feel, we think this is one of the best reasons to get on the linen train. If you can pass something down, there is no need to buy more. That is about as earth friendly as you can get!

It’s organic! Zero pollution of soil or water: Flax is naturally resistant to pests and requires zero pesticide or defoliants and five times less fertilizer than cotton.

Zero irrigation: Flax requires no irrigation other than natural rain. The annual water savings over cotton farming are estimated at 650 billion cubic meters of water, or roughly the water consumption of a city the size of Atlanta.

Zero waste: Every part of the flax plant is put to use. Long flax fibers are used for fabric, while short fibers are used for paper or felt; seeds and oils are used to feed livestock as well as for varnish and linoleum; shives are used for gardening, animal bedding, and compost. And flax fiber's total biodegradability means that products made from it can be recycled.

It's hypoallergenic and antibacterial: Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This makes flax linen a great choice for sensitive skin.

It's soft and gets ever softer: And since the pectin that binds the fibers gradually dissolves when in contact with water, the fabric becomes even softer with every wash—without losing its trademark strength.

So, now that you know why our #linenlove is so strong, we hope you'll think about setting your next table with something that looks beautiful, can be reused, and lasts a lifetime (or two).

Happy Earth Day my friends. Wishing you a beautiful blue sky, cool breezes, and lots of warm sunshine. 

xo, Sue

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